At IRM, we are committed to providing our clients with a diverse service base from which to grow their profits. Our services include the following:

At IRM, we know that our job is more than just claims administration. We will control costs and help the insurance program produce positive results. We understand that the effective management of claims is critical to the bottom line.

IRM can provide third-party claims administration for insurance carriers, self-insured entities, captive insurance programs, specialty programs and entities with large deductibles or self-insured retentions in their policies.

We achieve superior claim results through application of our policies, procedures, service standards and Best Practice Claims Guidelines, which include:

  • Manageable Claim Loads
  • Investigation and Communication Standards
  • Litigation Management
  • Expense Control

We offer expertise in claim handling of Workers Compensation, Property, Commercial General, Premises Liability and Commercial Auto Liability.

Programs Plus, an affiliate of IRM, is a licensed underwriting company that offers the following unbundled underwriting management services in connection with captive insurance programs, specialty insurance programs, self-insured programs or risk purchase group programs.

We provide these services on behalf of fronting carriers, insurance carriers, captive insurance companies and program managers.

  • Underwriting Management – Programs Plus has a staff of experienced multi-line underwriters that can provide the front-line underwriting support for your program, as well as the overall underwriting management and auditing functions so critical to a successful program. Profitable programs are defined by the design quality of the guidelines and the execution of the business on a day-to-day basis. Our underwriters will help you deliver on the promises made during program development.
  • Policy Administrative Services – Programs Plus can support your program with overall policy administration services including policy management, policy issuance, statistical coding and reporting. Providing reliable underwriting and policy data will help make your business decisions easier. We can deploy fifty state, multi-line, rate, quote and policy issuance over the web right to your office.

Innovative Risk Management’s Loss Control professionals work on a collaborative basis involving the following markets:

  • Captive/Alternative Programs
  • Transportation/Fleet Safety
  • Property/Habitational Evaluation
  • Fee-for-Service Consultations

With the collaboration of our clients, IRM Loss Control provides cost-effective solutions that promote client success.

A captive is a self-insurance mechanism whereby an entity or groups of entities form a chartered insurance company in order to insure the risks of the members or the members’ affiliates.

The world of captives, specialty programs, self-insurance and reinsurance can be a foreign and confusing place for those who are new to the concept; but with the right guide it can also be a world of opportunity. IRM is a recognized leader in alternative risk transfer programs and a regular contributor to captive education programs for independent insurance brokers. With our program development and management services, we are able to help clients develop long-term strategies for alternative funding that provide protection from risk unique to their business.

Through our strategic partnerships with carriers and brokers, we are able to provide programs structured to the client’s needs. The best captive structures provide clients with stabilization of insurance pricing, investment income returned to the participants, direct access to reinsurance markets, retention of underwriting profit and control of their insurance and risk management destiny.

Innovative Risk Management, through its underwriting affiliate Programs Plus, markets specialty insurance programs in which Innovative Risk Management takes an underwriting risk position.

The following programs are marketed through select independent agents on a state specific basis:


Programs Plus, an affiliate of IRM, is a licensed underwriting company that offers a package policy for garden style apartments, condominiums and townhomes. Coverages offered are general liability, property, crime, inland marine and umbrella.


The target market for this program is franchised, limited service hotel/motel risks. The buildings must be less than 20 years old or renovated within the coverages required by the hospitality industry. In Texas, the Texas Hotel and Lodging Association endorses this program.


“AVERT™ is an insurance product for the commercial trucking industry that includes camera technology. With this video-based insurance program, your fleet managers have unprecedented access to driver analytics. AVERT™ partners with Lytx, the leading driver science company, to offer its fleet insurance partners a unique insurance solution.”